15 August, 2012

As some of you money piggies know, I bought a new royal castle where I now reside, yes, your high Queen, Miss Kay, used my money minions to buy a stunning castle in which to live. There is just one issue with my castle, I need to furnish it in a way befitting of the grandeur in which I deserve to be surrounded by. Lovely furniture, furnishings, artwork, high end electronics and a home gym are some of the things I covet and must have! No wall should be without original or expensive artwork or mirrors upon which I can gaze at my own beauty. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most beautiful and bitchiest of them all….

And I don’t want to wait for my dream to come true! I am very talented at interior design, so I don’t need to hire a designer. I will be my own designer. All I need to make my dream castle look like how I envision it, are eGiftCards and Tributes from little money piggies like you!

Your beautiful Goddess needs to stay in shape, am I correct? Of course I am. I always am. I want you little ATM money sluts to pay for an entire new home gym where I can sculpt my exquisite body. Really, I’m not going to be sculpting my body for you, you drooling foolish pigs, but I know you drool over my perfection anyway. It comes down to this. My time is precious! Why should I waste time and have to drive to the gym and work out and drive back. All I do is create a commotion at the gym anyway, because no man can even concentrate on lifting a finger let alone lifting a weight in my superior presence. I will have my own home gym with carefully selected pieces of exercise equipment and mirrors on all the walls. I also want a sound system throughout my entire home with an iPod docking station and a surround sound system for my wide screen tv in my media room, complete with plush theater style velvet recliners.

So now, I will give you an ultimatum. Either you empty your wallets for me now and give me everything my greedy little heart desires, or I will threaten to crush you beneath my Prada stilettos that you just bought for me. Imagine if you were to feel the escape of your gasping breaths as my heel presses your chest. Either way, your high Queen, Miss Kay, gets her way.

I will be waiting for those Tributes and eGiftCards, so I can spend your money on my lavish taste in home decor. Don’t think I will show any mercy, money pigs! I will have you on your knees begging me to leave you five dollars, just enough to feed yourself for a day from dollar menu fast food joints. You need to do as I say and empty your wallets now. When I’m through with you, I will have all the treasures your blood, sweat and tears provided for me. Now run along little cash piggies. Run along and do as your royal highness, the Queen, Miss Kay demands. Click my Tribute buttons and click on my eGiftCard Store buttons now.

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