16 January, 2018

Money Over All is my Money Domme life motto. I already live a life of luxury and crave even more. More that you will pay for. You will open your wallet now and Tribute to maintain your role as my findom money slave. If you don’t have $100, $200, $300 or more to Tribute, you are a broke slave who doesn’t belong in my realm. I should never have to pay for a thing that isn’t funded by my money piggies. My beautiful house in California (yes, it is safe from the fires and mudslides thankfully), my university tuition and my new car. I shouldn’t have to pay for salon visits, annual trip to Hawaii or Mexico, clothes shopping, etc.

At this particular moment I want money for two of my major expenses. My $7500 tuition per semester and the down payment for my new car, a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, the most powerful car produced in the USA. 707 horsepower and speeds topping out at nearly 200mph. I already went for a few test drives and I know I can get the best deal from that helplessly hypnotized car salesman. When I went for a test drive, I even booted the salesman out of the car for a few minutes so I could open it up on the highway. I just have to choose my color, red, blue, white, black, silver… Now get those Tributes rolling in so I can buy my new dream car. Yes, I am going to trade in my Camaro. I use up my cars like I use up men ha!

I present a very unique Findom mp3 which was especially requested and paid for by some of my select pay pigs. In this non-hypno audio, I outline my fierce beliefs about financial domination and how money slaves must continue to support my total luxury lifestyle. This recording is a manifesto of sorts, but I can not use a word that begins with the syllable “man” since men are so inferior. Instead, I dub it a “womanifesto”. Now you must listen and heed all that I say if you are one of my pay pigs, money slaves, cash cows or fin subs or if you wish to be. This mp3 recording is the foundation on which all of my FinDomme philosophies are built. And if you have not indulged in buying all of my financial domination recordings (hypnosis and non-hypnosis), you will buy them all after you listen to this singular mp3. You must absolutely indulge in the Money Minions series of findom hypnosis mp3s.

As many of you know, I am among the supreme Money Dommes on Niteflirt (and a few other web venues of my choice). Worshiping me as your Money Domme will be thrilling and intoxicating. You will not be able to resist sending me Tributes, egift certs and gifts to please me. Pleasing me will arouse you. After you listen to this mp3, you will be inducted into my world. You will realize that my needs, my desires come first. Click to buy this new Findom mp3 now! Purchase this file at my store Hypnotic-Mistress.com or on Nite Flirt or on Kinkbomb


Listening to my new financial domination mp3, “Cash Queen-dom” is paramount for findom addicts, pay piggies, ATMs and fin subs. When you listen, you will find out subversive and exciting ways to pay financial homage to your Cash Queen, Miss Kay! And you will pay! I know that you money slaves are always looking for the newest thrills to satisfy your findom desires. Upping the ante and financial control factor is what it takes to arouse you. You will feel my superiority and control over you and how you will have no alternatives but to do what I demand. Cash Queen-dom is around ten minutes of your time to listen to, but a lifetime of monetary dominion over you. You will not go back to your safe status quo after listening to this edgy life-changing audio experience. While my Cash Queen-dom mp3 is not a hypnosis file, I have included strong elements of mind control and, of course, hypnotic influences such as linked suggestions. In addition, there is an ASMR whisper track that runs over my main voice track, to impact your mind with even more resonance.

And if you haven’t already listened to my Money Minions hypnosis series of ear porn recordings, now is the time to buy one or all of these hardcore hypno findom files. I have produced four files in the Money Minion quadrilogy and these money porn mp3s are my top selling recordings of all time. Indulge now! You can’t resist! Click to begin your financial thrill!Purchase this file at my store http://hypnotic-mistress.com/ or at Nite Flirt Or at my Kink bomb store.


My Blackmail Contract and Blackmail mp3 are a unique and powerful tour de force you cannot resist. If you are already aroused and excited about the Blackmail fetish, don’t even read one more word of this blog post, just CLICK to BUY both of these right now and begin your breathless adventure into the world of Blackmail with me, Miss Kay, as your Blackmail Mistress. If you enjoy Financial Domination, but you haven’t pursued Blackmail yet, then you should feel that you are on the edge of the most extreme and exhilarating form of Findom, Blackmail! Your excitement will increase 10 times, 100 times more than before. Blackmail is the ultimate financial domination, the ultimate thrill. Your ultimate thrill is just a few clicks away. Don’t hesitate to give in to your desires to be blackmailed by me.

I have devised a Blackmail Contract that will make you feel true excitement and fear over your blackmailed fate. To engage your arousal, I recorded a short, direct and dick-stiffening mp3 that leads you right where I want you, into my clutches ready to sign the Blackmail Contract! You can listen to the mp3 unto itself if Blackmail is only a fantasy for you. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself buying my contract later and getting so turned on that you fill out and send the contract and everything I require back to me.

If you enjoy Blackmail Hypnosis or Blackmail Phone Sex, you should know you can reach me on Niteflirt.com or SinfulCall.com for live Blackmail experiences. Purchase my Blackmail file or Blackmail Contract at my store http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com or on Nite Flirt or purchase both at my Kink Bomb store.

I have just released a new financial domination mp3 masterpiece in my infamous Money Minions series. Money Minions 4 is more subversive than my previous Money Minions mp3s. And when you listen, you will find out why! I penetrate your mind using my evocative voice, make you so weak, then take over your finances even further than before. I know you can’t wait to find out your new financial fate when you listen to my newest findom mp3 recording. As the Money Domme, I am insatiably greedy. And I fully expect that Money Minions 4 will not be the final mp3 in this series!

While you are under my hypnotic money spell, you will get so aroused. You will be helpless but to obey all of my triggers and demands. You will find out why I come above all other Findommes and even why I come above all other women in your life! You don’t have to listen to Money Minions 4 as the fourth mp3 in sequence. This mp3 is a perfect standalone financial domme audio experience. So click, buy it now, download and listen on any device you own which can play an mp3!

However, I demand that my money minions buy all 4 mp3s in my Money Minion series to submit to maximum financial slavery. Plus, minions must spend spend spend to make Miss Kay happy! Surrender to me and spoil me because I am your Money Domme. And listen to all of the Money Minions mp3s over and over! My mp3s are available on Nite flirt and Kinkbomb and at my Hypnotic-Mistress.com hypnosis mp3 store. Purchase these files at my store http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com or on Nite Flirt Kink Bomb http://www.kinkbomb.com/p/money-minions-4/178482


This specially themed erotic hypnosis file will be irresistible if you are a fanatic of the Batman television series or if you follow Batman movies. There are strong overtones of Financial Domination and Femdom erotic hypnosis. Marsha, Queen of Diamonds was a shocking female villain back in the 1960’s, an evil blonde gold digging vamp who would stop at nothing to attain money and diamonds. But that wasn’t all, Marsha was a powerful Mistress who presided over a male harem including lovestruck men held captive in bird cages. She employed dedicated henchmen to do her bidding. And she featured several devious ways to incapacitate and control men including a knock-out gas called Diamond Dozing Gas and Love Darts containing a love potion to make men fall helplessly in love with her. While Catwoman is viewed as the overtly sexual predator who wished to vanquish Batman, Marsha is viewed as the fortune huntress who wanted to marry Batman with the ultimate goal of obtaining the Bat Diamond.

In my audio recording, I will incapacitate you using a very potent induction and deepener sequence and then take control of your heart and mind! This spell might be irreversible! I don’t want to give away too much about my Queen of Diamonds hypnosis file except to say that you will be captivated by all of the interwoven hypnotic elements. Click to buy and listen to my Marsha, Queen of Diamonds erotic hypnosis recording now! Perhaps you will be the next man to fall prey to my hypno sorcery. Purchase this file at my store http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com  or on KinkBomb  or  Nite Flirt

14 December, 2014


Happy Holidays from me, Miss Kay! I found a way that will make my holidays and beyond much brighter. You will become my Sugar Plum Fairy Fag! And it doesn’t just mean that you will be dressing up and being a good little fairy fag for your Money Domme. You will be making money for me as a cocksucker and that money is mine! I need more money for holiday shopping, shopping the post holiday sales and all year round. And you little cocksucking fairies will make that money for me. Even though I will be your Pimptress, I won’t be lifting a finger to make the cash roll in beyond producing this very hardcore humiliation audio file. This is not an erotic hypnosis mp3 recording. You will feel the full dominance I exert over you to transform you into a fairy fag cocksucker while you are in a completely conscious state. Therefore, you can immediate react to my bitchy demands without waiting for a trigger or post-hypnotic suggestion. And, of course, you will react immediately, because you don’t dare disobey me and because your little fairy clit will make you so excited to suck cocks. I demand complete obedience from all of my little fairies, sissies, finsubs, piggies and panty boys. You will become a sissy Sugar Plum Fairy Fag with one thing in mind, to suck cocks to make money for me! Click to buy my new mp3 now and begin a life of sissy cocksucking servitude to me during the holidays and all year round!

23 November, 2014


Listening to this Home Wrecker mp3 recording will be the most mind-dazing thrill you have ever experienced. If you are into financial domination, blackmail, ruination without mercy, this kinky mp3 is for you to listen to, over and over and over. You will find out your pathetic fate as I outline everything that will happen to you when I wreck your life and even what will happen to your wife or girlfriend! You don’t deserve anything you have, so my twisted plan is to take it all from you. And I will also put you into forced slave labor. You will have to earn even more money for me doing the most demeaning jobs. After there is nothing left of your former assets, you are still an asset that can earn for me.

When you watch movies, you are always attracted to the raven haired Femmes Fatales like you see in the Bond films. You know you would be no match if such a villainess captivated you with her sexy charms and devious plans. That villainess is me. I am your nightmare come true. I am not an home wrecking teen brat who has no skills in extracting large sums of money from men. My power is known far and wide. I own a beautiful home in California, an expensive car, I go to Hawaii and other exotic places every year and I go on spendy shopping sprees all the time. This money came from and will continue to come from from weak men who fall for me financially. You could be next after you listen to this devious Home Wrecker mp3 recording. Purchase this file at my store http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com Nite Flirt  or http://www.kinkbomb.com/studio/misskay

13 November, 2014


If your primary desire is to contribute to me financially, and it should be, I will put you a special plan that includes regular tithing, gifts, and more. To begin a financial slavery relationship with me, an initial Tribute is required. And the Tribute has to be impressive or you are just not worth my time. If you are a real money slave, you know that what I’m requesting is obligatory protocol for Financial Servitude. I have devoted money slaves who hold me in highest accord and tithe money to me, give me Tributes, buy me Wish List gifts and even more. So, if you do have the financial wherewithal and the desire to become my money slave, we need to begin our Findomme and money slave relationship.

I will not tolerate late tithings or lack of attention to my Wish List or other breaks from the plan that will be set out for you. The money slave scene is populated with many time-wasters and money slave wannabe’s. If that sounds like you, get lost, I have no time for broke losers. I am here for serious Financial Servitude and for those who show respect in addition to gifting, tithing, etc. Financial Domination is a lifestyle. I live the lifestyle and if you do, too, as a money slave, you will realize that having me as your Findomme will be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

It’s time to begin our Financial Domination lifestyle relationship. Send me that first Tribute now.


You are going to become even more of a money minion and pay piggie when you listen to my findom erotic hypnosis files than you have ever been before! I now use binaural beats as subliminal brain wave programming to make you more addicted to me and to spending more money on me. More Tributes, more gifts, more Gift Cards! You will find yourself extra receptive to all of my Money Domme demands after listening to my findom audio recordings which feature bb (binaural beats). In fact, I will be spending a lot of time this summer re-recording some of my first erotic hypnosis recordings and editing other recordings to feature music tracks and binaural beats where I feel these tracks are needed. Subliminal binaural beats take about seven minutes to reset your brain waves to make you fall further into a hypno trance and to be wide open to all of the financial domination brainwashing that I will exact over your weakened money slave minds.

I learned about bb from my current studies in Psychology as a university student and from learning sound engineering techniques to enhance my erotic hypnosis ear porn. You will now be ultra powerfully enslaved as my personal piggy banks. You will find yourself hypnotically compelled to send me more frequent Tributes, larger Tributes and to spoil Miss Kay. This means you will buy gifts from my Amazon Wish List or send Gift Cards as I demand. Buy one of my findom files now with binaural beats at my new hypnosis store: Hypnotic-Mistress.com.


Happy Birthday to Me, Miss Kay! My birthday is only 30 days away bitchboys, so get out your credit cards and start spending to make it a very happy birthday for the Money Domme!  Click Tribute buttons or buy eGiftCards for me now, be good cash cows.   My birthday only comes once a year and that means that once a year you money slaves should go overboard and show your Money Domme how much you appreciate her in your life by giving till you have nothing left to give.  Max out your credit cards.  Let’s see who the spendiest money piggie will be and who rewards his Financial Domme with the most cash or gift cards.

I’ve been following other Financial Dommes on Twitter, so I know how much their slaves give them on their birthdays.  If you are meager and stingy or don’t send a Tribute or buy a Gift Card, you are an embarrassment to me, a failure as a money pig and I will block you on Niteflirt.   I have an Amazon Wish List and I expect it to be emptied!  Besides, you know how much it thrills you to spend $$$ on me and by thrills, I mean I know it makes your money piggie dickie hard.  The more you spend, the more thrills you get, so start gift giving or tributing now!

Calling me on Niteflirt is nice, it’s expected, but spending money on calls does not substitute giving me Gift Cards or sending me Tributes for my birthday.   I will be checking my email twice daily and I better see eGiftCards and Amazon purchases rolling in!  Spoil me now!


My newest hypno mp3 is part 3 in a “titillating” erotic hypnosis seduction series I’ve produced called HypnoTits. My new mp3 features a Financial Domme game show theme and is quite subversive. If you enjoy financial domination and want to be seduced so that you fall so deep into trance, you don’t even realize that I am imperially commanding you to tribute me before I awaken you from your trance state, then this ear porn file is for you. And you will tribute me! When I let a few of my ultra generous money slaves test HypnoTits3, money just fell from their hands into my Niteflirt account while they were still listening to my file. No, money piggies, you don’t have to listen to HypnoTits 1, 2 and 3 in sequential order, but you should buy all three files and listen to them all, because I’m telling you to and because you ultimately want to make The Money Domme happy!


And if you already own HypnoTits 1 and 2, then it’s time to add HypnoTits 3 to your collection of Miss Kay mp3s now. All of my mp3 files are produced in my professional home recording studio, not on the cheap like other hypno Mistresses using cheap mics and free audio software. This file is yours to keep when you download it and you can play it over and over. Most of my erotic hypno followers buy all of my files as soon are they are released, just like they should! I also offer live hypnosis sessions and financial domination calls on Niteflirt. Call me live if you want to explore the depths of financial domination in trance.

My birthday is coming up soon on October 13th (Libra) and yes, 13 is a lucky number for me and also for you! It is a requirement to spoil me on my birthday and there are many ways to spoil me with prezzies, cash and more. I’ll tell you exactly how to spoil me right now. You can click here to go My eGiftCard Store and buy me an eGiftCard to one of my favorite stores or you can tribute me $$$ and remember tribute to impress! Or you can go to my Money Games page and play some of my wallet raping adventures and feel the financial thrill and pain as you drain your credit cards. Or you can buy some of my Erotic Hypnosis Audio Files. Get addicted to ear porn! These mp3s are yours to own after you buy them, you can listen to them over and over and get addicted to my beautiful voice.

My birthday is just one of the special days to remember and show me how much you appreciate The Money Domme, Miss Kay. You can also call me on Niteflirt and tip me at the end of our findom phonesex call. Load your account to the max and call me for the financial downhill ride of your life.

And if you are reading this after my birthday, it’s never too late to tribute me or spoil me with prezzies. Every single day is a special day for spoiling me and proving to me that I am your Money Mistress!


Greed has no limits and I, The Money Domme, want more money now.  If you have the cash, I have the perfect way to extract it from you. You know nothing exhilarates you more than giving up the cash to a beautiful dominant Goddess and I found a way to take more cash from you that doesn’t involve giving up a hefty percentage to phone sex websites. You will take your cash to a Green Dot retail location, this means a Walmart, KMart, Radio Shack, drugstores: CVS, RiteAid, Walgreen’s, or supermarkets: Kroger, Ralphs, Meijer. Little will anyone know the cash you have is destined for your Goddess Miss Kay, although the whole time your dick will be hard just thinking about giving me this cash in a Money Pak. It’s simple, you hand over the cash and you get a Green Dot Money Pak. There is a Green Dot number on the card, a code you will give ME via email to CallMissKay@yahoo.com, which I will apply to my Green Dot account, so I can spend your cash on whatever my wicked heart desires. Or you can also be granted the privilege of speaking live to ME, your Money Domme, Miss Kay if you pay ME.

You can buy a Green Dot Money Pak with up to $500 in cash. Yes! You can send ME Cash Tributes. But wait, it gets even better. Walmart will let you get up to an $1,000 Green Dot Money Pak! That’s more like it, pay piggies! Tribute Miss Kay, The Money Domme, now.


Green Dot

Many of my Niteflirt callers and admirers have been begging me for a Stroke and Pay Game for a while now.  Since there are so many of Stroke and Pay games already on Niteflirt, I decided to design a PTV game far more deliciously compelling and clever:

Stroke for Broke.  If you’re into Financial Domination with detailed JOI :: jerk-off instructions :: then you will love my Stroke for Broke game.   While this isn’t a video game, my game features creative and sexy interactivity which I know you’ll relish.  It’s the next best thing to me being there and playing with you!   And while I can’t reveal the game secrets, I will be there {wink}.  At each level of my game, you will need to make a critical decision.  This isn’t just a simple wap wap wap Stroke and Pay game.   You will find out, when you play my game, what makes my game innovative and different from other Pay to View games on Niteflirt.

Since I’m not available to control you live 24/7, this game is the perfect indulgence for you anytime you need me.   And let’s face it, sometimes you have the privacy to stroke, but not to call me!  So my game is perfect for times like that!  You can also play it multiple times with different outcomes.  Intrigued?   Are financial domination and cock control fetishes you love to indulge?  Do you enjoy when a dominant woman takes control over you and your orgasm?  Do you crave an inventive and wicked wallet rape?   Then you’ve found the button you need to click to satisfy your craving.  Click my Stroke for Broke Game button now and begin your adventure with me!

It should excite and arouse you to spend money on me.  While it may be money you’ve earned or available credit granted to you on your credit card, it’s really mine, and you know, without any doubt or hesitation that I deserve it!   While you may have another fetish on which you spend money to indulge, it’s time to distill that fetish to the bottom line:  giving money to me, a dominant Goddess, is what really arouses you.

So now it’s time to pull out your credit card and open up your Niteflirt account page.  Add more money to your account to spend on me.  It should excite you to see this money in your account, which in a few clicks, will be mine!  Click to call me if I’m available for call sessions and confess your craving for financial domination or even more insidious, financial ruination.  If I’m not available, click on one of my tribute buttons or visit my Wish List here on my site.

As you know from reading my blog or if you’ve ever served me in any way, I am very knowledgeable about fetishes of all kinds, from the more common fetishes to the more unusual and complex fetishes.   Those of you who truly wish to explore or who are aroused by financial domination as a fetish and not just a fantasy, will be thrilled to serve me financially.  I have also devised an intriguing Financial Domination Game: Stroke for Broke! I know you can’t wait to play!