8 September, 2017

It’s time for a findom blowout! Time for all of my money minions, cash cows and pay piggies to get spendy for my Birthday! I’m expecting to be spoiled and I’m expecting you to spoil me. I want the theme of this year’s celebration to be Birthday Blowout! Blow out your wallet! I want to haul in thousands in Amazon and Sephora eGiftCards as well as MasterCard Gift Cards. And if your finsub rush is to indulge me in cash, send a triple digit Tribute to me on Niteflirt.

There are special times of the year when a money slave should definitively honor his Mistress above and beyond Financial Goddess worship. My Birthday, Black Friday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are times when wallet slaves should be so excited to buy or bestow whatever the Money Domme desires. I love to shop and it will be a thrill for you to know I will be using gift cards you send me to splurge on whatever my heart desires. It will also be exciting for me to shop while spending my Birthday celebration haul.

Findom Birthday Blowout

Now you will notice there are highlighted links in this Birthday announcement to click on, so get your click on and send me an eGift Card or Tribute now! You can also get spendy buying Financial Domination Hypno mp3s at my store Hypnotic-Mistress.com where you will find a selection of many findom files to choose from.

To send me an eGift Card, this is my email address: CallMissKay@yahoo.com

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday and if you haven’t already given me a generous birthday Tribute or sent me eGift Cards, do it now! Stop reading my blog for your amusement and send that Tribute or send a few eGift Cards. And even if you have sent me a birthday Tribute or an eGift Card, then it’s time to send one on my birthday while I’m blowing out my birthday candles. What better icing on my birthday cake than receiving more Tributes and prezzies. You money slaves need to prove your worth with your cash or credit cards. I don’t want to hear any excuses. I have already received quite a few birthday prezzies and Tributes, but I need more! And your purpose is to serve me financially, because you have no other redeeming value in life.

Don’t just email me Happy Birthday unless it comes with money or an eGift Card. It’s time to weed out the broke losers from the true money piggies. So today, you will give more. Maybe I will crown you the top money piggie for giving more than my other pay pigs. That’s why I haven’t updated my blog with dollar amounts of Tributes or prezzies, because doing just a little more than the next money slave, isn’t enough! You must give to excess. My Amazon Wish List is looking a little spare. I need to add more gifts, but I want to see more items purchased today, then I will add more prezzies for Christmas.


Happy Birthday to Me, Miss Kay! My birthday is only 30 days away bitchboys, so get out your credit cards and start spending to make it a very happy birthday for the Money Domme!  Click Tribute buttons or buy eGiftCards for me now, be good cash cows.   My birthday only comes once a year and that means that once a year you money slaves should go overboard and show your Money Domme how much you appreciate her in your life by giving till you have nothing left to give.  Max out your credit cards.  Let’s see who the spendiest money piggie will be and who rewards his Financial Domme with the most cash or gift cards.

I’ve been following other Financial Dommes on Twitter, so I know how much their slaves give them on their birthdays.  If you are meager and stingy or don’t send a Tribute or buy a Gift Card, you are an embarrassment to me, a failure as a money pig and I will block you on Niteflirt.   I have an Amazon Wish List and I expect it to be emptied!  Besides, you know how much it thrills you to spend $$$ on me and by thrills, I mean I know it makes your money piggie dickie hard.  The more you spend, the more thrills you get, so start gift giving or tributing now!

Calling me on Niteflirt is nice, it’s expected, but spending money on calls does not substitute giving me Gift Cards or sending me Tributes for my birthday.   I will be checking my email twice daily and I better see eGiftCards and Amazon purchases rolling in!  Spoil me now!