My new Financial Domination mp3 release is an exciting non-hypnosis recording. I created this new audio experience, because I realize not all of my finsubs are turned on by Femdom erotic hypnosis. There are some of you cash ATMs who crave an aural thrill delivered direct to your conscious mind. And even for my hypno money piggies, you often enjoy a straight up mp3 to consciously reinforce your pay pig impulses. For any finsubs or gift subs, you must listen to my new mp3 now, my voice is very compelling and persuasive and will make you feel more aroused by your findom fetish than you already are. When you listen to this file, you need to keep your computer or tablet on, to maximize the exhilaration to your financial dom desires. You will even need to keep this blog post up on your screen, because there are some very important links you will need to click.

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The psychology behind money slavery is a mental process, an internal metamorphosis that begins with informal curiosity about financial domination. The curiosity then builds into desire to engage in the behavior, typically in “safe mode”, meaning for a piggy bank to read about Findom on Money Mistress websites, but without paying or tributing.  Curiosity and desire leads to the excitatory stage.  This is the stage of excitement where a pay pig begins to get sexually aroused over the fantasy of being enslaved to a Money Domme and that being drained of money will be the key to this arousal.  However, peak arousal cannot be achieved unless the money slave is actually engaged in piggie play or is in a more formal relationship with a Financial Domme.  The excitatory stage leads to the stage of control where the cash pig wants to feel that the Domme is taking control over the piggie’s money, by whatever means.  This includes Financial Dom play, taxation demands, financial games, erotic hypnosis, mind control, blackmail…  The control state is one of engagement and arousal.  The arousal reinforces the money piggie behavior of desire to have money extracted, desire to be be wallet raped, of tributing or buying gifts.  The money piggie then morphs into a state of mania or addiction to Financial Domination for sexual arousal with dependency on the Financial Domme to propel the arousal and deepen the addiction.  Just reading this is arousing you isn’t it?  And just because I have detailed the psychology of money slavery doesn’t mean that you money slaves will have any ability to fight your impulses or control your addiction once you are under my spell.  Part 2 of the Psychology of Money Slavery will follow.

So many of you fat, out of shape losers, and you know you are, need to lose weight right now. I am disgusted from seeing pics you money slaves have sent me showing that you money piggies look more like real pork piggies. I have developed a financial domination weight loss regimen for you to lose the lard. This involves intensive masturbation, yes, you read that right, even more masturbating than ever, to lose weight! And you will pay for the privilege. This program will cost you, but it will be worth its “weight” in gold. If you need hypnosis to guide you toward losing the “lbs” and to maintain weight loss, then I will include that in your personalized masturbation weight loss program. You must get in touch with me now so that I can design your masturbation exercise regimen and get you started. I will do this via a Niteflirt PTV. Don’t you want to indulge in more masturbation and see the results as you lose weight? It’s not magic, it’s metabolic.

You have never experienced anything so intense and controlling, yet allowing you to give in to your compulsion to masturbate instead of giving in to your compulsion to eat! I’m sure some of you money piggies made New Year’s Resolutions that you have already broken when you stuffed your face with chips, dip, wings, ribs and beer while watching all the football playoffs. Your compulsive eating has to stop! The only compulsions you will be permitted are sending me Tributes and masturbating to your weight loss program!

You will be trained to decrease your eating while increasing my bank account.