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Perhaps you saw the classic gothic film Gaslight. In the film, Ingrid Bergman’s greedy criminal husband Charles Boyer seeks to drive her insane so he can locate the jewels she inherited plus control her real estate and financial fortune. He systematically deploys the techniques of gaslighting with intense effect. Before the term gaslight gained popularity, one might simply say “drive someone insane.” This was what Boyer ultimately sought to do via methods involving misperception, isolation and manipulation. I will use gaslighting methods too, to achieve whatever I want, whether it is to extract your money and assets or control your mind. And in my upcoming mp3 you will feel the full effects of gaslighting. Your personal and financial fate will be determined by my hypnotic powers.

In case you don’t know, I am studying Psychology at university level, so when I combine my hypnotic powers along with my scholarly knowledge of Psych and gaslighting, you will become my helpless prey and pawn. I will be producing this irresistible gaslight mp3 as soon as I wrap up my finals and take a short break to de-stress from the tumult of classes and exams. I will be recording this file in my home studio and releasing the file on Niteflirt and in my own mp3 store. If you can’t wait for my new file, you should buy some of my findom hypnosis files at my mp3 store right now. Kiss your money goodbye now because you will become so addicted to me as your Findomme!

19 November, 2016


Sleeper Agent Part 2 is the second erotic hypnosis file in my truly mind bending Sleeper Agent series. It is very crucial to listen to these findom files sequentially. You can buy Sleeper Agent Part 1 on my Niteflirt page or at my mp3 store: Buy Sleeper Agent Part 2 now to enhance all of the financial domination triggers and suggestions which were embedded within the Sleeper Agent Part 1 mp3. As a Findomme, I make specific hypnotic demands of you as a sleeper agent, that you must carry out. I utilize classic brainwashing and covert mind control techniques in Part 1 which are triggered in Part 2. You won’t even realize what is happening to you, because these findom triggers enact automatic responses. Then I top off the half spell with amnesia to make you forget whatever it was you might have been able to remember. But you won’t remember anything at all.

If you enjoy spy thrillers, both books and films along the lines of the Jason Bourne series by Robert Ludlum and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John le Carre, you will undoubtedly enjoy this Sleeper Agent Part 2 recording as the after-punch to Sleeper Agent Part 1. I create a netherworld where I exist as your financial dominatrix and hypnotist and twist your mind to do as I want. You will feel a positive effect washing over your mind when in my altered reality, something more sinister is happening beneath the surface. Click, buy both files, listen and become my sleeper agent!

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One Minute Remaining is my newest exciting mp3 release. This audio adventure is based on Niteflirt’s One Minute Remaining prompt. If you are a member of Niteflirt and indulge in live phone sex or live erotic hypnosis, then you have undoubtedly experienced this one minute warning. But the questions I have for you are: What do you do when you hear the One Minute Remaining voice? Do you panic and try to orgasm in just under sixty seconds? Do you go into a frenzy and add more money? Do you hang up like a cheap loser? No matter what you do when you hear One Minute Remaining, this mp3 recording is for you. And it’s especially for you if you have a weakness for things like poppers, bottoms up drinking, forced intox, porn videos, strippers, fetishes, playing with your dildo, fin dom and more. This ear porn is geared to increase any and all of your addictions, including your addiction to me!

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This specially themed erotic hypnosis file will be irresistible if you are a fanatic of the Batman television series or if you follow Batman movies. There are strong overtones of Financial Domination and Femdom erotic hypnosis. Marsha, Queen of Diamonds was a shocking female villain back in the 1960’s, an evil blonde gold digging vamp who would stop at nothing to attain money and diamonds. But that wasn’t all, Marsha was a powerful Mistress who presided over a male harem including lovestruck men held captive in bird cages. She employed dedicated henchmen to do her bidding. And she featured several devious ways to incapacitate and control men including a knock-out gas called Diamond Dozing Gas and Love Darts containing a love potion to make men fall helplessly in love with her. While Catwoman is viewed as the overtly sexual predator who wished to vanquish Batman, Marsha is viewed as the fortune huntress who wanted to marry Batman with the ultimate goal of obtaining the Bat Diamond.

In my audio recording, I will incapacitate you using a very potent induction and deepener sequence and then take control of your heart and mind! This spell might be irreversible! I don’t want to give away too much about my Queen of Diamonds hypnosis file except to say that you will be captivated by all of the interwoven hypnotic elements. Click to buy and listen to my Marsha, Queen of Diamonds erotic hypnosis recording now! Perhaps you will be the next man to fall prey to my hypno sorcery. Purchase this file at my store  or on KinkBomb  or  Nite Flirt

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It’s rare I can say I like something that is empty. No, I don’t like an empty champagne glass and especially not an empty jewelry box, but there is one thing I like that is empty… empty wallets! After I empty them of course. You don’t need such a heavy wallet. It’s just a burden, all that plastic, all that cash weighing you down. I can relieve you of that burden and empty your wallet right now. A light wallet in your pocket will feel so much better and so will you, when you call me and I drain your wallet dry! I can set my rate to $50 a minute on Niteflirt and you can drain your Visa or Mastercard till it’s zeroed out. You can buy gifts from my Amazon Wish List, the more the better. Load your cash onto Green Dot MoneyPaks and then send me the MoneyPak numbers.

Don’t try to play money games with me. I can tell a fake money slave who is all talk and no action. I am not here for the boys who have a Niteflirt budget or who will look for the least expensive item on my Wish List. Cheaping out on me will only get you blocked. I am here for those who will binge on spending money on me and not even think about it. I’m not here for weak wallet wimps and time wasters. Remember one of the most important rules in worshiping a Money Domme: you may earn the money, but you don’t deserve it!