16 April, 2014

Who wants to play a game? I know all you little fat wallet piggies do! Think of how much fun it will be to sit there and play all of my fun little financial domination games while I drain cash out of your wallet and bank account, little piggies.  Here’s a game that isn’t for financial weaklings – Stroke for Broke!  All you need to do is spend $150 and you can have the privilege to play Stroke for Broke!  This game is not for the “light wallet”!  Check out my Money Games page now.  If you want to play MY money games you will have to be able to give ME a royally large amount of cash that belongs to ME anyway.  So load up your Niteflirt account and enjoy the rush of giving money to a beautiful Money Domme.

These games will tease you and make you feel like you spent your money on something worth it, and by ‘something’ I mean ME, your Goddess,  Miss Kay. Don’t you want buy me pretty things?  I will buy all the pretty things I want as my Niteflirt account turns into The Bank of Miss Kay.    If you are a broke loser and don’t have the money to play one of my games, then you honestly don’t belong on my site, because you are no use to me with an empty wallet.  But my money minions, I know you’re tempted now aren’t you… SO what are you waiting for? Let’s play Money Games….


So many of you fat, out of shape losers, and you know you are, need to lose weight right now. I am disgusted from seeing pics you money slaves have sent me showing that you money piggies look more like real pork piggies. I have developed a financial domination weight loss regimen for you to lose the lard. This involves intensive masturbation, yes, you read that right, even more masturbating than ever, to lose weight! And you will pay for the privilege. This program will cost you, but it will be worth its “weight” in gold. If you need hypnosis to guide you toward losing the “lbs” and to maintain weight loss, then I will include that in your personalized masturbation weight loss program. You must get in touch with me now so that I can design your masturbation exercise regimen and get you started. I will do this via a Niteflirt PTV. Don’t you want to indulge in more masturbation and see the results as you lose weight? It’s not magic, it’s metabolic.

You have never experienced anything so intense and controlling, yet allowing you to give in to your compulsion to masturbate instead of giving in to your compulsion to eat! I’m sure some of you money piggies made New Year’s Resolutions that you have already broken when you stuffed your face with chips, dip, wings, ribs and beer while watching all the football playoffs. Your compulsive eating has to stop! The only compulsions you will be permitted are sending me Tributes and masturbating to your weight loss program!

You will be trained to decrease your eating while increasing my bank account.

My newest hypno mp3 is part 3 in a “titillating” erotic hypnosis seduction series I’ve produced called HypnoTits. My new mp3 features a Financial Domme game show theme and is quite subversive. If you enjoy financial domination and want to be seduced so that you fall so deep into trance, you don’t even realize that I am imperially commanding you to tribute me before I awaken you from your trance state, then this ear porn file is for you. And you will tribute me! When I let a few of my ultra generous money slaves test HypnoTits3, money just fell from their hands into my Niteflirt account while they were still listening to my file. No, money piggies, you don’t have to listen to HypnoTits 1, 2 and 3 in sequential order, but you should buy all three files and listen to them all, because I’m telling you to and because you ultimately want to make The Money Domme happy!


And if you already own HypnoTits 1 and 2, then it’s time to add HypnoTits 3 to your collection of Miss Kay mp3s now. All of my mp3 files are produced in my professional home recording studio, not on the cheap like other hypno Mistresses using cheap mics and free audio software. This file is yours to keep when you download it and you can play it over and over. Most of my erotic hypno followers buy all of my files as soon are they are released, just like they should! I also offer live hypnosis sessions and financial domination calls on Niteflirt. Call me live if you want to explore the depths of financial domination in trance.

Many of my Niteflirt callers and admirers have been begging me for a Stroke and Pay Game for a while now.  Since there are so many of Stroke and Pay games already on Niteflirt, I decided to design a PTV game far more deliciously compelling and clever:

Stroke for Broke.  If you’re into Financial Domination with detailed JOI :: jerk-off instructions :: then you will love my Stroke for Broke game.   While this isn’t a video game, my game features creative and sexy interactivity which I know you’ll relish.  It’s the next best thing to me being there and playing with you!   And while I can’t reveal the game secrets, I will be there {wink}.  At each level of my game, you will need to make a critical decision.  This isn’t just a simple wap wap wap Stroke and Pay game.   You will find out, when you play my game, what makes my game innovative and different from other Pay to View games on Niteflirt.

Since I’m not available to control you live 24/7, this game is the perfect indulgence for you anytime you need me.   And let’s face it, sometimes you have the privacy to stroke, but not to call me!  So my game is perfect for times like that!  You can also play it multiple times with different outcomes.  Intrigued?   Are financial domination and cock control fetishes you love to indulge?  Do you enjoy when a dominant woman takes control over you and your orgasm?  Do you crave an inventive and wicked wallet rape?   Then you’ve found the button you need to click to satisfy your craving.  Click my Stroke for Broke Game button now and begin your adventure with me!