13 December, 2017

Your worth is defined by how much you give to me. Your submission and devotion is expected of course, but your worth to me is your cash! To set yourself apart from the throngs of males who want to throw themselves at me for various reasons, you must spend. Actually, you must outspend! Spend more than any other money slave this holiday season on me, your Money Domme, Miss Kay. Click and buy multiple eGift Cards. And send multiple Tributes. Impress me!

Strive to be my top money slave! Even if you are not the top, I know all of you money slaves will be certain to spoil me. Every Financial Domme desires a bevy of gifts under her virtual Christmas Tree to open and then bask in the radiance of luxury. I’ve chosen Amazon, Sephora, Virtual Visa and Niteflirt Tributes as my preferred Xmas gifts and cash. I already picked up my new iPad on Cyber Monday, but I have many other prezzies I want to acquire via your money!

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I’m at Starbucks enjoying life, drinking a steamy latte while updating my blogs on my older iPad. I plan to upgrade to a brand new iPad with your cash. The truth for a Findomme is this: Why should I spend anything but your money? You may earn or invest all that money, but I deserve it far more. Why keep all your money to yourself when you can get so much more enjoyment spoiling Miss Kay instead? That’s a rhetorical question, but important nonetheless. The busiest shopping days of the year are imminent. In lieu of writing a traditional style blog post, I decided to write a special Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping poem for all of my money slaves to obey:

It’s that exciting time of the year
for my money slaves far and near
to accord me with shopping cheer.
Get out your fat wallets and click to send
me eGift cards and Tributes so that I can spend
all your money to buy whatever I want from Nordstrom,
Sephora, the Apple Store and Amazon.com.
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Amazon Black Friday


My new Financial Domination mp3 release is an exciting non-hypnosis recording. I created this new audio experience, because I realize not all of my finsubs are turned on by Femdom erotic hypnosis. There are some of you cash ATMs who crave an aural thrill delivered direct to your conscious mind. And even for my hypno money piggies, you often enjoy a straight up mp3 to consciously reinforce your pay pig impulses. For any finsubs or gift subs, you must listen to my new mp3 now, my voice is very compelling and persuasive and will make you feel more aroused by your findom fetish than you already are. When you listen to this file, you need to keep your computer or tablet on, to maximize the exhilaration to your financial dom desires. You will even need to keep this blog post up on your screen, because there are some very important links you will need to click.

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13 November, 2014


If your primary desire is to contribute to me financially, and it should be, I will put you a special plan that includes regular tithing, gifts, and more. To begin a financial slavery relationship with me, an initial Tribute is required. And the Tribute has to be impressive or you are just not worth my time. If you are a real money slave, you know that what I’m requesting is obligatory protocol for Financial Servitude. I have devoted money slaves who hold me in highest accord and tithe money to me, give me Tributes, buy me Wish List gifts and even more. So, if you do have the financial wherewithal and the desire to become my money slave, we need to begin our Findomme and money slave relationship.

I will not tolerate late tithings or lack of attention to my Wish List or other breaks from the plan that will be set out for you. The money slave scene is populated with many time-wasters and money slave wannabe’s. If that sounds like you, get lost, I have no time for broke losers. I am here for serious Financial Servitude and for those who show respect in addition to gifting, tithing, etc. Financial Domination is a lifestyle. I live the lifestyle and if you do, too, as a money slave, you will realize that having me as your Findomme will be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

It’s time to begin our Financial Domination lifestyle relationship. Send me that first Tribute now.

My newest Findom hypnosis mp3 centers around a Black Friday theme. Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year and marks the auspicious launch of every holiday shopping season. You will be very busy this upcoming Black Friday, shopping for me, of course. I have expanded my Amazon Wish List with all the gifts you need to buy me. I will also be expecting Tributes and Gift Cards to make this the most memorable holiday for The Money Domme. My Findom hypno file will make you so weak and suggestible, you will find yourself in a daze, a shopping daze that is, as you shop, click on Tribute buttons and send me Gift Cards.

If you enjoy Financial Domination or simply pleasing your Goddess, this is a hypnotic recording you will not want to miss. As a Findomme, I should come before anyone else on your shopping list. You will spoil Miss Kay. If you are feeling resistant while you read this blog post, listening to my new Black Friday hypnosis audio will break down your resistance and trigger you to do exactly what I want. Give in now, click to buy this file and become entranced as a dutiful and spendy money piggie.

I have other Findom erotic hypnosis files for your listening pleasure, so after you listen to this Black Friday file, you can go on a finsub frenzy and buy more files and become my ultimate money slave. I can also produce custom files for financial subbies who want a personalized hypnosis experience. Inquire at: CallMissKay@yahoo.com Purchase my this file at http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com or my kinkbomb.com studio


You are going to become even more of a money minion and pay piggie when you listen to my findom erotic hypnosis files than you have ever been before! I now use binaural beats as subliminal brain wave programming to make you more addicted to me and to spending more money on me. More Tributes, more gifts, more Gift Cards! You will find yourself extra receptive to all of my Money Domme demands after listening to my findom audio recordings which feature bb (binaural beats). In fact, I will be spending a lot of time this summer re-recording some of my first erotic hypnosis recordings and editing other recordings to feature music tracks and binaural beats where I feel these tracks are needed. Subliminal binaural beats take about seven minutes to reset your brain waves to make you fall further into a hypno trance and to be wide open to all of the financial domination brainwashing that I will exact over your weakened money slave minds.

I learned about bb from my current studies in Psychology as a university student and from learning sound engineering techniques to enhance my erotic hypnosis ear porn. You will now be ultra powerfully enslaved as my personal piggy banks. You will find yourself hypnotically compelled to send me more frequent Tributes, larger Tributes and to spoil Miss Kay. This means you will buy gifts from my Amazon Wish List or send Gift Cards as I demand. Buy one of my findom files now with binaural beats at my new hypnosis store: Hypnotic-Mistress.com.

So many Money Dommes ramp up the financial domination around Xmas time, but for me, it’s not just about Xmas, it’s about every single day of the year. Every day of the year is Xmas to me. Of course, I want actual Christmas holiday prezzies and tributes, but I want more, so much more. I want to live a life of total luxury and blissful excess. And you, my money slaves, are going to provide it for me. You will make sacrifices for me! Downgrade your lifestyle, dispose of assets, liquidate real estate, sell off toys, to make sure I am completely spoiled. When you wake up every day, the first thought that pops up into your pea brain should be: “What can I do for my Money Goddess Miss Kay today?” I, Miss Kay, already have a beautiful new home paid for by my obedient and generous money slaves and I’ve been decorating my home to my heart’s desire, including outfitting a home recording studio where I craft my hypno mp3s. I also take exotic vacations and go on spendy shopping sprees, all paid for by my money piggies. So when you see a Money Domme demand go up on my blog or on my Twitter, such as to pay for my next vacation or whatever I need to wear on that vacation, it better be fulfilled.

If you haven’t already sent me an Xmas tribute, bought me prezzies from my Amazon Wish List or sent me an Amazon eGiftCard, then get to it now. But remember there are 365 days in a year and Xmas is just one of them!

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday and if you haven’t already given me a generous birthday Tribute or sent me eGift Cards, do it now! Stop reading my blog for your amusement and send that Tribute or send a few eGift Cards. And even if you have sent me a birthday Tribute or an eGift Card, then it’s time to send one on my birthday while I’m blowing out my birthday candles. What better icing on my birthday cake than receiving more Tributes and prezzies. You money slaves need to prove your worth with your cash or credit cards. I don’t want to hear any excuses. I have already received quite a few birthday prezzies and Tributes, but I need more! And your purpose is to serve me financially, because you have no other redeeming value in life.

Don’t just email me Happy Birthday unless it comes with money or an eGift Card. It’s time to weed out the broke losers from the true money piggies. So today, you will give more. Maybe I will crown you the top money piggie for giving more than my other pay pigs. That’s why I haven’t updated my blog with dollar amounts of Tributes or prezzies, because doing just a little more than the next money slave, isn’t enough! You must give to excess. My Amazon Wish List is looking a little spare. I need to add more gifts, but I want to see more items purchased today, then I will add more prezzies for Christmas.


Happy Birthday to Me, Miss Kay! My birthday is only 30 days away bitchboys, so get out your credit cards and start spending to make it a very happy birthday for the Money Domme!  Click Tribute buttons or buy eGiftCards for me now, be good cash cows.   My birthday only comes once a year and that means that once a year you money slaves should go overboard and show your Money Domme how much you appreciate her in your life by giving till you have nothing left to give.  Max out your credit cards.  Let’s see who the spendiest money piggie will be and who rewards his Financial Domme with the most cash or gift cards.

I’ve been following other Financial Dommes on Twitter, so I know how much their slaves give them on their birthdays.  If you are meager and stingy or don’t send a Tribute or buy a Gift Card, you are an embarrassment to me, a failure as a money pig and I will block you on Niteflirt.   I have an Amazon Wish List and I expect it to be emptied!  Besides, you know how much it thrills you to spend $$$ on me and by thrills, I mean I know it makes your money piggie dickie hard.  The more you spend, the more thrills you get, so start gift giving or tributing now!

Calling me on Niteflirt is nice, it’s expected, but spending money on calls does not substitute giving me Gift Cards or sending me Tributes for my birthday.   I will be checking my email twice daily and I better see eGiftCards and Amazon purchases rolling in!  Spoil me now!