2 June, 2014



If you’ve ever taken any sort of introductory class about personal finances or if you’ve read any books or articles on the subject, you’re probably familiar with the concept of “Pay Yourself First.” Basically, it just means that in order to save money to build yourself a little nest egg, you need to put a certain amount of money from each paycheck you receive into your savings account or what-have-you before you spend it on anything else, bill-paying included.

And I suppose that’s a nice, noble thing for a man who is trying to save for retirement or something of the sort. But in my world, it does not at all apply to men who are my financial slaves. They themselves last and their Goddess first.

Since you’re here reading my blog, I assume that means you’re either already one of my money subs or are seriously considering becoming one. That means, yes, “Pay Your Mistress First” applies to you as well. Mistress first before everything–necessities, luxuries, even your own paltry little savings account.

There are, of course, many reasons for that, not the least of which is to insure that you give me my due as a Goddess. But one of the most important reasons is to simply show your appreciation for my time and attention. I know how much all of you love and adore my sexy audios and my erotic hypnosis MP3s. And since you get so much enjoyment out of them, it’s only right that you thank me for continuing to make new and exciting MP3s for your use and your pleasure.

I do work very hard on my quality hypno audios, and a little acknowledgement of that will certainly go a long way toward further insuring that I continue to make new ones. Hence, “Pay Mistress First.”

It’s as simple as that, boys.


That’s right, my little cash piggies. Sure, I’ve been naughty, but it’s not like you’ve been nice, now is it? In fact, I am pretty fucking displeased with the lame shit you have sent me so far. So, I want some stuff, and I want it like, yesterday. I put up with your sniveling, loser shit day in and day out, and no matter how much I punish your pathetic asses, you continue to piss me off by being stingy little money slaves. Sell your wedding ring, sell your blood, sell your jizz, I don’t care. NOTHING is more important than my happiness, and nothing makes me happier than prezzies and cash. All I really want for Christmas is to wallet fuck you until you are crying and cumming at the same time, begging me to leave you a measly buck so you can buy yourself a Jack in the Crack taco. So here’s what you’re going to do, and you’re going to do it immediately. Get out your credit card and start buying. Now.
1. I need some new shades. I like these Prada ones because they are nice and big. I shouldn’t have to look directly at my human ATMs, right?

2. All girls love shoes, and I am no different. I LOVE these. The little piggy who buys me these will get a special surprise from yours truly:

3. I need another tv for my spare bedroom. I want each room in my castle to be adorned with the finest of luxuries. Here’s the one I want.
4. I like bags too. A girl can never have too many bags. This is one of my faves right now:

5. This is so pretty. I have to have it. I’ll wear it for the cash pig that buys it for me the next time he calls in to have me control his puny little cock.
6. I always enjoy gift cards for Amazon. I will not accept any amount under $250, so if you can’t handle me, don’t bother. The Queen only accepts tributes and gifts from TRUE money pigs.

7. I always like cold, hard cash. I deserve to be surrounded by luxury, like royalty is. Don’t insult me by sending less than $100. Really? If you are that pathetic, find another Domme. Like I said before, you need the bucks to play with the Queen.
Punishments for Bad Little Money Piggies…or Should I say Rewards?

If you please me this Christmas, I might grace you with a the opportunity to speak with or entertain me. I get bored easily, so I can’t promise much. I am not here to please your pathetic little money slut asses. However, if you buy me one of my big-ticket items above, I’ll send you a lump of coal and tell you where to stick it. Maybe, if you’re really lucky, I’ll give you a free minute or two to use when you want what’s left of your wallet emptied into my greedy, well-manicured hands….Make sure to give me a call on one of my nite flirt lines.