I am The Money Domme in all forms of the words: Money Domme. I love the money, the power, the entire mindset of controlling, using, humiliating and draining all of you little human ATMs for MY financial entertainment and material gain. Yes, you will spoil me. YOUR hard-earned money? No, wrong, it’s MY money. Every last dime you own now belongs to ME, but here’s a consolation, you can keep the pennies because they’re worthless, just like you!

Do you know how lucky and privileged you are for me to even think about me speaking to you? You’re nothing but a walking bank account that I can make withdrawals from whenever I so please. Unless you pay, you’re not even worthy to have my name in your mouth! To allow the name of such royalty and power to escape from your breathless and trembling lips would almost be blasphemy, don’t you think? I do what I do, not because I need the power, but because I already possess the power, and that’s what makes me special (or one of the MANY things that make me special!). I was born with the ability and cruel willingness to completely ruin and destroy little money piggies like you! You will beg to speak with me. And you will only use my name after you’ve paid for the privilege to utter it from your lips.

I am the Mistress of your destruction, the Mistressmind (not Mastermind) behind your downfall. And if you could see things the way I do, you would be aroused to watch your entire life crushed under the feet of a perfect Goddess, ME. You see, cash piggies, it’s all about me and what I want and it’s YOUR job to know what my needs are and to find effective and expensive ways to please me. I have the power to make a grown man fall to his knees in tears, begging me to stop. How many times have I heard: “Please, Miss Kay, I’m spent. I have no more to give you. Please, forgive me” as I yawn and kick him while he’s on the ground with my six-inch black stilettos, my pointy heel on his chest as I look down upon him. I spit in his face and tell him, “Sell your boring wife’s jewelry, take out a second mortgage, apply for more credit cards, go to the pawn shop with your Rolex! I know you have more to give, you cheap little pay piglet!” And if that were you, you would see how serious I was while I stared down at you with my seductively deadly black eye liner adorned eyes. You would know your future is poverty, debt and destitution and you will crave it.

And speaking of cravings. The feel of cash in my hands drives me wild. The smell of fresh crisp hundreds under the tip of my nose makes my heart race. Your money is the only thing you have that arouses me. And giving money to me should be the only thing that arouses you. By the time I am finished with you, you will be nothing but a used bank card to me. And do you know what I do with tapped out bank cards? I throw them in my shredder and shred them to tiny bits of plastic confetti. So be forewarned, when I am finished with you, I’ll set my sights on a new victim. A new man to suck the green life blood out of his leather wallet. I am like a vampire, a money vampire, I feed on money and I am never satisfied. When I’m done with my next victim, someone else will fill his void such as when he filled yours.

If you fail to understand how to obey me, you will feel the wrath of my poisonous, but sexy combination of deception, evil and greed. As long as you keep my hands full of money and shower me with gifts, *I’ll* be satisfied. And we both know how important and imperative that one thing is…that I stay satisfied, because I am all that matters to you, above anything or anybody else in the universe. *I* am what is important. I am what matters most. And in return for your tributes, you may possibly speak with and entertain me. I am not here to entertain you.

And since I am a Money Mistress who demands you spoil me, I don’t just expect money, but also eGiftCards to buy whatever I desire from department stores like Nordstrom, sexy stores like Victoria’s Secret, online stores like Amazon, shoe stores like Zappos, and to take vacations using your American Express Gift Cards and to collect tributes toward the new car of my dreams, a sexy and sleek Camaro.  And don’t forget the green as in GreenDot MoneyPaks! Shop at TheMoneyDomme.com store right now! Click and pay!

So just in case you don’t you understand you mean nothing but money to me, I want to make absolutely sure you know I am The Money Domme and you are my money minions. I guess I shouldn’t assume such hard thinking from cash cattle like yourselves. I, Miss Kay, am and always will be above you, looking down and smiling such a wicked little smile, knowing I am taking you and other money slaves for all you’ve got. And there is nothing you can do to stop me.

The Money Domme Store

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