Little lazy money bitches who have not been generous and who have not bought anything from my Amazon Wish List, sent me an Amazon Gift Card to go shopping or sent me a Niteflirt Tribute, it’s time to break out your wallet and get spendy!  So far, I have collected $450 in Amazon Gift Cards and Niteflirt Tributes totaling over $1,000.   While I’m going back to school in January to finish my degree in Psychology, for you, right this minute, it’s time to study. It’s time to study my Amazon Wish List!  Stare at each item on my List and imagine how I, Miss Kay, deserve that special gift or gifts for my birthday on October 13th (Libra) and how you will give them to me, how excited I will be to receive my birthday gifts and wear them, use them, own them.  Then buy me an Amazon Gift Card to cover all my birthday gifts you choose! Giving me gifts is how you can serve me.  It’s that simple. The bottom line is Pay Miss Kay on My Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday

While you are studying, you should be aroused.  Giving me birthday prezzies should make you aroused.  After you click and buy an Amazon Gift Card, you should be even more aroused.  Or… if you are more of a cash piggie, then you can study and click my Tribute buttons on Niteflirt and click to give me cash for my birthday!   Make my birthday rain with cash that I will spend, spend, spend.

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