My newest hypno mp3 is part 3 in a “titillating” erotic hypnosis seduction series I’ve produced called HypnoTits. My new mp3 features a Financial Domme game show theme and is quite subversive. If you enjoy financial domination and want to be seduced so that you fall so deep into trance, you don’t even realize that I am imperially commanding you to tribute me before I awaken you from your trance state, then this ear porn file is for you. And you will tribute me! When I let a few of my ultra generous money slaves test HypnoTits3, money just fell from their hands into my Niteflirt account while they were still listening to my file. No, money piggies, you don’t have to listen to HypnoTits 1, 2 and 3 in sequential order, but you should buy all three files and listen to them all, because I’m telling you to and because you ultimately want to make The Money Domme happy!


And if you already own HypnoTits 1 and 2, then it’s time to add HypnoTits 3 to your collection of Miss Kay mp3s now. All of my mp3 files are produced in my professional home recording studio, not on the cheap like other hypno Mistresses using cheap mics and free audio software. This file is yours to keep when you download it and you can play it over and over. Most of my erotic hypno followers buy all of my files as soon are they are released, just like they should! I also offer live hypnosis sessions and financial domination calls on Niteflirt. Call me live if you want to explore the depths of financial domination in trance.

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