The psychology behind money slavery is a mental process, an internal metamorphosis that begins with informal curiosity about financial domination. The curiosity then builds into desire to engage in the behavior, typically in “safe mode”, meaning for a piggy bank to read about Findom on Money Mistress websites, but without paying or tributing.  Curiosity and desire leads to the excitatory stage.  This is the stage of excitement where a pay pig begins to get sexually aroused over the fantasy of being enslaved to a Money Domme and that being drained of money will be the key to this arousal.  However, peak arousal cannot be achieved unless the money slave is actually engaged in piggie play or is in a more formal relationship with a Financial Domme.  The excitatory stage leads to the stage of control where the cash pig wants to feel that the Domme is taking control over the piggie’s money, by whatever means.  This includes Financial Dom play, taxation demands, financial games, erotic hypnosis, mind control, blackmail…  The control state is one of engagement and arousal.  The arousal reinforces the money piggie behavior of desire to have money extracted, desire to be be wallet raped, of tributing or buying gifts.  The money piggie then morphs into a state of mania or addiction to Financial Domination for sexual arousal with dependency on the Financial Domme to propel the arousal and deepen the addiction.  Just reading this is arousing you isn’t it?  And just because I have detailed the psychology of money slavery doesn’t mean that you money slaves will have any ability to fight your impulses or control your addiction once you are under my spell.  Part 2 of the Psychology of Money Slavery will follow.

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