I’m at Starbucks enjoying life, drinking a steamy latte while updating my blogs on my older iPad. I plan to upgrade to a brand new iPad with your cash. The truth for a Findomme is this: Why should I spend anything but your money? You may earn or invest all that money, but I deserve it far more. Why keep all your money to yourself when you can get so much more enjoyment spoiling Miss Kay instead? That’s a rhetorical question, but important nonetheless. The busiest shopping days of the year are imminent. In lieu of writing a traditional style blog post, I decided to write a special Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping poem for all of my money slaves to obey:

It’s that exciting time of the year
for my money slaves far and near
to accord me with shopping cheer.
Get out your fat wallets and click to send
me eGift cards and Tributes so that I can spend
all your money to buy whatever I want from Nordstrom,
Sephora, the Apple Store and Amazon.com.
Click now to spoil The Money Domme!

Click now to spoil me with anAmazon eGift Card
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Here is my private email address you will need to send eGift Cards: CallMissKay@yahoo.com

Amazon Black Friday

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