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It’s rare I can say I like something that is empty. No, I don’t like an empty champagne glass and especially not an empty jewelry box, but there is one thing I like that is empty… empty wallets! After I empty them of course. You don’t need such a heavy wallet. It’s just a burden, all that plastic, all that cash weighing you down. I can relieve you of that burden and empty your wallet right now. A light wallet in your pocket will feel so much better and so will you, when you call me and I drain your wallet dry! I can set my rate to $50 a minute on Niteflirt and you can drain your Visa or Mastercard till it’s zeroed out. You can buy gifts from my Amazon Wish List, the more the better. Load your cash onto Green Dot MoneyPaks and then send me the MoneyPak numbers.

Don’t try to play money games with me. I can tell a fake money slave who is all talk and no action. I am not here for the boys who have a Niteflirt budget or who will look for the least expensive item on my Wish List. Cheaping out on me will only get you blocked. I am here for those who will binge on spending money on me and not even think about it. I’m not here for weak wallet wimps and time wasters. Remember one of the most important rules in worshiping a Money Domme: you may earn the money, but you don’t deserve it!

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