16 April, 2014

Who wants to play a game? I know all you little fat wallet piggies do! Think of how much fun it will be to sit there and play all of my fun little financial domination games while I drain cash out of your wallet and bank account, little piggies.  Here’s a game that isn’t for financial weaklings – Stroke for Broke!  All you need to do is spend $150 and you can have the privilege to play Stroke for Broke!  This game is not for the “light wallet”!  Check out my Money Games page now.  If you want to play MY money games you will have to be able to give ME a royally large amount of cash that belongs to ME anyway.  So load up your Niteflirt account and enjoy the rush of giving money to a beautiful Money Domme.

These games will tease you and make you feel like you spent your money on something worth it, and by ‘something’ I mean ME, your Goddess,  Miss Kay. Don’t you want buy me pretty things?  I will buy all the pretty things I want as my Niteflirt account turns into The Bank of Miss Kay.    If you are a broke loser and don’t have the money to play one of my games, then you honestly don’t belong on my site, because you are no use to me with an empty wallet.  But my money minions, I know you’re tempted now aren’t you… SO what are you waiting for? Let’s play Money Games….


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