29 May, 2015


My newest mp3 audio experience, entitled Phallic Power, explores the intimate relationship I have as a Femdom with my strap on worshipers. A strap on is a phallic symbol of female domination and power and you will worship my power and dominance over you. I make all men feel so weak with my strap on, weak yet aroused. Phallic Power is not a pure hypno mp3 track, but it does feature hypnotic elements and a light music track to relax you and make you open to all of my persuasive suggestions. Many of my hypnosis mp3 fans also listen to the other mp3s I produce because they are so compelling. This mp3 recording is a ten minute long exploration into Femdom strap on worship. Men are intimidated by Femdoms with strap ons and their aura of authority. Do you already watch strap on porn videos and enjoy how a Femdom dominates her submissive or slave? That will be you now in a fantasy you play in your mind, worshiping and taking my strap on.

Maybe you have already sucked or fucked a strap on cock or maybe you are a virgin, but either way, you will enjoy worshiping my strap on. A strap on projects Femdom force. Feel the force I have over you. Click the payment button of your choice now to buy this Femdom POV mp3 at Niteflirt, Kinkbomb or my MP3 Store and download and listen. It’s that simple for you to become my strap on bitch! Purchase this file at http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com or at my kink bomb store http://www.kinkbomb.com/p/phallic-power/172548 or on Nite Flirt

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