One Minute Remaining is my newest exciting mp3 release. This audio adventure is based on Niteflirt’s One Minute Remaining prompt. If you are a member of Niteflirt and indulge in live phone sex or live erotic hypnosis, then you have undoubtedly experienced this one minute warning. But the questions I have for you are: What do you do when you hear the One Minute Remaining voice? Do you panic and try to orgasm in just under sixty seconds? Do you go into a frenzy and add more money? Do you hang up like a cheap loser? No matter what you do when you hear One Minute Remaining, this mp3 recording is for you. And it’s especially for you if you have a weakness for things like poppers, bottoms up drinking, forced intox, porn videos, strippers, fetishes, playing with your dildo, fin dom and more. This ear porn is geared to increase any and all of your addictions, including your addiction to me!

One Minute Remaining is not a hypnosis mp3, but it includes elements that are used in hypnosis such as Triggers and Suggestions and Mind Control. And with my sexy and sweetly manipulative voice, you will not be able to resist the potent Triggers and seductive Suggestions that I embed deep in the pleasure center of your mind! Indulge your addiction to me now, indulge your addiction to Niteflirt and to your pleasure seeking habits. Buy my newest mp3 and find out what will happen to you when you listen!Purchase this file at my store on Nite Flirt or on

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