16 January, 2018

Money Over All is my Money Domme life motto. I already live a life of luxury and crave even more. More that you will pay for. You will open your wallet now and Tribute to maintain your role as my findom money slave. If you don’t have $100, $200, $300 or more to Tribute, you are a broke slave who doesn’t belong in my realm. I should never have to pay for a thing that isn’t funded by my money piggies. My beautiful house in California (yes, it is safe from the fires and mudslides thankfully), my university tuition and my new car. I shouldn’t have to pay for salon visits, annual trip to Hawaii or Mexico, clothes shopping, etc.

At this particular moment I want money for two of my major expenses. My $7500 tuition per semester and the down payment for my new car, a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, the most powerful car produced in the USA. 707 horsepower and speeds topping out at nearly 200mph. I already went for a few test drives and I know I can get the best deal from that helplessly hypnotized car salesman. When I went for a test drive, I even booted the salesman out of the car for a few minutes so I could open it up on the highway. I just have to choose my color, red, blue, white, black, silver… Now get those Tributes rolling in so I can buy my new dream car. Yes, I am going to trade in my Camaro. I use up my cars like I use up men ha!

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