I have just released a new financial domination mp3 masterpiece in my infamous Money Minions series. Money Minions 4 is more subversive than my previous Money Minions mp3s. And when you listen, you will find out why! I penetrate your mind using my evocative voice, make you so weak, then take over your finances even further than before. I know you can’t wait to find out your new financial fate when you listen to my newest findom mp3 recording. As the Money Domme, I am insatiably greedy. And I fully expect that Money Minions 4 will not be the final mp3 in this series!

While you are under my hypnotic money spell, you will get so aroused. You will be helpless but to obey all of my triggers and demands. You will find out why I come above all other Findommes and even why I come above all other women in your life! You don’t have to listen to Money Minions 4 as the fourth mp3 in sequence. This mp3 is a perfect standalone financial domme audio experience. So click, buy it now, download and listen on any device you own which can play an mp3!

However, I demand that my money minions buy all 4 mp3s in my Money Minion series to submit to maximum financial slavery. Plus, minions must spend spend spend to make Miss Kay happy! Surrender to me and spoil me because I am your Money Domme. And listen to all of the Money Minions mp3s over and over! My mp3s are available on Nite flirt and Kinkbomb and at my hypnosis mp3 store. Purchase these files at my store or on Nite Flirt Kink Bomb

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