Greed has no limits and I, The Money Domme, want more money now. ┬áIf you have the cash, I have the perfect way to extract it from you. You know nothing exhilarates you more than giving up the cash to a beautiful dominant Goddess and I found a way to take more cash from you that doesn’t involve giving up a hefty percentage to phone sex websites. You will take your cash to a Green Dot retail location, this means a Walmart, KMart, Radio Shack, drugstores: CVS, RiteAid, Walgreen’s, or supermarkets: Kroger, Ralphs, Meijer. Little will anyone know the cash you have is destined for your Goddess Miss Kay, although the whole time your dick will be hard just thinking about giving me this cash in a Money Pak. It’s simple, you hand over the cash and you get a Green Dot Money Pak. There is a Green Dot number on the card, a code you will give ME via email to, which I will apply to my Green Dot account, so I can spend your cash on whatever my wicked heart desires. Or you can also be granted the privilege of speaking live to ME, your Money Domme, Miss Kay if you pay ME.

You can buy a Green Dot Money Pak with up to $500 in cash. Yes! You can send ME Cash Tributes. But wait, it gets even better. Walmart will let you get up to an $1,000 Green Dot Money Pak! That’s more like it, pay piggies! Tribute Miss Kay, The Money Domme, now.

Green Dot

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