Perhaps you saw the classic gothic film Gaslight. In the film, Ingrid Bergman’s greedy criminal husband Charles Boyer seeks to drive her insane so he can locate the jewels she inherited plus control her real estate and financial fortune. He systematically deploys the techniques of gaslighting with intense effect. Before the term gaslight gained popularity, one might simply say “drive someone insane.” This was what Boyer ultimately sought to do via methods involving misperception, isolation and manipulation. I will use gaslighting methods too, to achieve whatever I want, whether it is to extract your money and assets or control your mind. And in my upcoming mp3 you will feel the full effects of gaslighting. Your personal and financial fate will be determined by my hypnotic powers.

In case you don’t know, I am studying Psychology at university level, so when I combine my hypnotic powers along with my scholarly knowledge of Psych and gaslighting, you will become my helpless prey and pawn. I will be producing this irresistible gaslight mp3 as soon as I wrap up my finals and take a short break to de-stress from the tumult of classes and exams. I will be recording this file in my home studio and releasing the file on Niteflirt and in my own mp3 store. If you can’t wait for my new file, you should buy some of my findom hypnosis files at my mp3 store right now. Kiss your money goodbye now because you will become so addicted to me as your Findomme!

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