31 July, 2012

Miss Kays Shoe Closet

Your wallets are too fat, little piggies. Foot slavery is your destiny. I demand that you bow down to me, bitches, and kiss my perfect, well manicured feet and slide crisp 100 dollar bills between each one of my polished toes! You are so not worthy of my perfection. Beg to be my high heel polisher and shoe closet attendant. See where I keep all my designer shoes? Beg to be locked in my closet where you will sniff the scent of power and money, thousands of dollars that I spent from my money piggies at Zappos and department stores on my shoe collection.

Do you want to lick my heels now? Call me on Niteflirt. The only value in which I hold you is beneath my feet or heels. I will, literally, walk all over you. You are my possession just as my heels are, but I prize them more. How does that feel to know, the foot you paid to kiss and worship is now poised to step on you and walk on you as if you were a doormat. What’s that? You surrender? Good, now show it and spend it on me. Spend it on me while you get hard thinking about my toes tickling your tonsils. Or would you rather give me a foot massage? That will cost extra you money slutboys. I want my money in large bills via Niteflirt tributes so I can spend my money what ever my devious little heart desires. And I also demand eGiftCards to Zappos. Zappos eGiftCards are available up to $1,000 and reflect the epitome of foot slavery. Send to my email address: CallMissKay@yahoo.com and enter my name, Kay Sparks, where prompted.

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