I have been integrating conversational hypnosis into my live phone sessions, especially involving money slaves . Recently, I was using conversational hypnosis on a money slave, instead of erotic hypnosis to trance the money piggie. This findom aficionado, hours after we had spoken, emailed that he just couldn’t believe he had given me over a thousand dollars without him even realizing this had happened. No, he wasn’t panicking or complaining at all. Instead, he was extremely excited about how I “extracted” this money from him so “easily” and wanted to know exactly how I had “drained” his wallet. While I can’t indulge my money Domme secrets in a forum, I used the techniques of covert hypnosis to guide him into giving me the money that at the unconscious level, he was willing to give to me. Another analysis of our “transaction” would be that I took the money from him that I convinced him was mine to take. I broke down whatever resistance he had by meeting his resistance and employing other effective techniques as I deduced that he merely needed to be guided using covert hypnosis and that he would be in a heightened state of arousal while doing so.

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