2 June, 2014



If you’ve ever taken any sort of introductory class about personal finances or if you’ve read any books or articles on the subject, you’re probably familiar with the concept of “Pay Yourself First.” Basically, it just means that in order to save money to build yourself a little nest egg, you need to put a certain amount of money from each paycheck you receive into your savings account or what-have-you before you spend it on anything else, bill-paying included.

And I suppose that’s a nice, noble thing for a man who is trying to save for retirement or something of the sort. But in my world, it does not at all apply to men who are my financial slaves. They themselves last and their Goddess first.

Since you’re here reading my blog, I assume that means you’re either already one of my money subs or are seriously considering becoming one. That means, yes, “Pay Your Mistress First” applies to you as well. Mistress first before everything–necessities, luxuries, even your own paltry little savings account.

There are, of course, many reasons for that, not the least of which is to insure that you give me my due as a Goddess. But one of the most important reasons is to simply show your appreciation for my time and attention. I know how much all of you love and adore my sexy audios and my erotic hypnosis MP3s. And since you get so much enjoyment out of them, it’s only right that you thank me for continuing to make new and exciting MP3s for your use and your pleasure.

I do work very hard on my quality hypno audios, and a little acknowledgement of that will certainly go a long way toward further insuring that I continue to make new ones. Hence, “Pay Mistress First.”

It’s as simple as that, boys.

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