16 January, 2018

Money Over All is my Money Domme life motto. I already live a life of luxury and crave even more. More that you will pay for. You will open your wallet now and Tribute to maintain your role as my findom money slave. If you don’t have $100, $200, $300 or more to Tribute, you are a broke slave who doesn’t belong in my realm. I should never have to pay for a thing that isn’t funded by my money piggies. My beautiful house in California (yes, it is safe from the fires and mudslides thankfully), my university tuition and my new car. I shouldn’t have to pay for salon visits, annual trip to Hawaii or Mexico, clothes shopping, etc.

At this particular moment I want money for two of my major expenses. My $7500 tuition per semester and the down payment for my new car, a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, the most powerful car produced in the USA. 707 horsepower and speeds topping out at nearly 200mph. I already went for a few test drives and I know I can get the best deal from that helplessly hypnotized car salesman. When I went for a test drive, I even booted the salesman out of the car for a few minutes so I could open it up on the highway. I just have to choose my color, red, blue, white, black, silver… Now get those Tributes rolling in so I can buy my new dream car. Yes, I am going to trade in my Camaro. I use up my cars like I use up men ha!

Do you want to play an exciting findom hypno game? In my new Sleeper Agent 3 hypno file, I have devised a clever financial domination hypnosis game for you to play. I invite you to buy this provocative audio experience Sleeper Agent 3 at my Hypnotic Mistress mp3 store and begin a findom adventure. This Findomme file contains elements of Brainwashing, Stupefication (making you dumb), Amnesia, Findom, Enslavement; includes Triggers, a Hypno Game, Deep Trance, Half Trance, Tributes, Amazon Gift Cards and indulging in porn and masturbation. My newest hypnosis recording runs nearly one hour in length, but is designed to influence you for hours and hours beyond the time the actual recording has concluded. Fall under my compelling Sleeper Agent spell now. If you haven’t already bought and listened to Sleeper Agent 1 and 2 – the entire trilogy of files is available at both my Hypnotic-Mistress store and Niteflirt Goodies. Buy the entire Sleeper Agent series!

A sleeper agent is a deep cover agent who appears to live a normal routine life until activated from deep cover. Don’t you want to experience something so exciting as being my sleeper agent, awaiting hypno activation and then when I trigger you… well… you will just have to find out what will happen to you immediately upon triggering as you listen to the Sleeper Agent 3 audio! Find out what it is like to live the sleeper agent lifestyle with me as your sexy, beautiful, dominant Hypno Handler. I’m sure you won’t be able to resist your fate!


13 December, 2017

Your worth is defined by how much you give to me. Your submission and devotion is expected of course, but your worth to me is your cash! To set yourself apart from the throngs of males who want to throw themselves at me for various reasons, you must spend. Actually, you must outspend! Spend more than any other money slave this holiday season on me, your Money Domme, Miss Kay. Click and buy multiple eGift Cards. And send multiple Tributes. Impress me!

Strive to be my top money slave! Even if you are not the top, I know all of you money slaves will be certain to spoil me. Every Financial Domme desires a bevy of gifts under her virtual Christmas Tree to open and then bask in the radiance of luxury. I’ve chosen Amazon, Sephora, Virtual Visa and Niteflirt Tributes as my preferred Xmas gifts and cash. I already picked up my new iPad on Cyber Monday, but I have many other prezzies I want to acquire via your money!

Amazon Christmas Gift Card

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I’m at Starbucks enjoying life, drinking a steamy latte while updating my blogs on my older iPad. I plan to upgrade to a brand new iPad with your cash. The truth for a Findomme is this: Why should I spend anything but your money? You may earn or invest all that money, but I deserve it far more. Why keep all your money to yourself when you can get so much more enjoyment spoiling Miss Kay instead? That’s a rhetorical question, but important nonetheless. The busiest shopping days of the year are imminent. In lieu of writing a traditional style blog post, I decided to write a special Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping poem for all of my money slaves to obey:

It’s that exciting time of the year
for my money slaves far and near
to accord me with shopping cheer.
Get out your fat wallets and click to send
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Amazon Black Friday

8 September, 2017

It’s time for a findom blowout! Time for all of my money minions, cash cows and pay piggies to get spendy for my Birthday! I’m expecting to be spoiled and I’m expecting you to spoil me. I want the theme of this year’s celebration to be Birthday Blowout! Blow out your wallet! I want to haul in thousands in Amazon and Sephora eGiftCards as well as MasterCard Gift Cards. And if your finsub rush is to indulge me in cash, send a triple digit Tribute to me on Niteflirt.

There are special times of the year when a money slave should definitively honor his Mistress above and beyond Financial Goddess worship. My Birthday, Black Friday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are times when wallet slaves should be so excited to buy or bestow whatever the Money Domme desires. I love to shop and it will be a thrill for you to know I will be using gift cards you send me to splurge on whatever my heart desires. It will also be exciting for me to shop while spending my Birthday celebration haul.

Findom Birthday Blowout

Now you will notice there are highlighted links in this Birthday announcement to click on, so get your click on and send me an eGift Card or Tribute now! You can also get spendy buying Financial Domination Hypno mp3s at my store Hypnotic-Mistress.com where you will find a selection of many findom files to choose from.

To send me an eGift Card, this is my email address: CallMissKay@yahoo.com

Perhaps you saw the classic gothic film Gaslight. In the film, Ingrid Bergman’s greedy criminal husband Charles Boyer seeks to drive her insane so he can locate the jewels she inherited plus control her real estate and financial fortune. He systematically deploys the techniques of gaslighting with intense effect. Before the term gaslight gained popularity, one might simply say “drive someone insane.” This was what Boyer ultimately sought to do via methods involving misperception, isolation and manipulation. I will use gaslighting methods too, to achieve whatever I want, whether it is to extract your money and assets or control your mind. And in my upcoming mp3 you will feel the full effects of gaslighting. Your personal and financial fate will be determined by my hypnotic powers.

In case you don’t know, I am studying Psychology at university level, so when I combine my hypnotic powers along with my scholarly knowledge of Psych and gaslighting, you will become my helpless prey and pawn. I will be producing this irresistible gaslight mp3 as soon as I wrap up my finals and take a short break to de-stress from the tumult of classes and exams. I will be recording this file in my home studio and releasing the file on Niteflirt and in my own mp3 store. If you can’t wait for my new file, you should buy some of my findom hypnosis files at my mp3 store right now. Kiss your money goodbye now because you will become so addicted to me as your Findomme!

19 November, 2016


Sleeper Agent Part 2 is the second erotic hypnosis file in my truly mind bending Sleeper Agent series. It is very crucial to listen to these findom files sequentially. You can buy Sleeper Agent Part 1 on my Niteflirt page or at my mp3 store: Hypnotic-Mistress.com. Buy Sleeper Agent Part 2 now to enhance all of the financial domination triggers and suggestions which were embedded within the Sleeper Agent Part 1 mp3. As a Findomme, I make specific hypnotic demands of you as a sleeper agent, that you must carry out. I utilize classic brainwashing and covert mind control techniques in Part 1 which are triggered in Part 2. You won’t even realize what is happening to you, because these findom triggers enact automatic responses. Then I top off the half spell with amnesia to make you forget whatever it was you might have been able to remember. But you won’t remember anything at all.

If you enjoy spy thrillers, both books and films along the lines of the Jason Bourne series by Robert Ludlum and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John le Carre, you will undoubtedly enjoy this Sleeper Agent Part 2 recording as the after-punch to Sleeper Agent Part 1. I create a netherworld where I exist as your financial dominatrix and hypnotist and twist your mind to do as I want. You will feel a positive effect washing over your mind when in my altered reality, something more sinister is happening beneath the surface. Click, buy both files, listen and become my sleeper agent!

File elements: Mind control, financial domination, half trance, brainwashing, amnesia, spy, triggers, covert Purchase this file at my store http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com or on Nite Flirt

I present a very unique Findom mp3 which was especially requested and paid for by some of my select pay pigs. In this non-hypno audio, I outline my fierce beliefs about financial domination and how money slaves must continue to support my total luxury lifestyle. This recording is a manifesto of sorts, but I can not use a word that begins with the syllable “man” since men are so inferior. Instead, I dub it a “womanifesto”. Now you must listen and heed all that I say if you are one of my pay pigs, money slaves, cash cows or fin subs or if you wish to be. This mp3 recording is the foundation on which all of my FinDomme philosophies are built. And if you have not indulged in buying all of my financial domination recordings (hypnosis and non-hypnosis), you will buy them all after you listen to this singular mp3. You must absolutely indulge in the Money Minions series of findom hypnosis mp3s.

As many of you know, I am among the supreme Money Dommes on Niteflirt (and a few other web venues of my choice). Worshiping me as your Money Domme will be thrilling and intoxicating. You will not be able to resist sending me Tributes, egift certs and gifts to please me. Pleasing me will arouse you. After you listen to this mp3, you will be inducted into my world. You will realize that my needs, my desires come first. Click to buy this new Findom mp3 now! Purchase this file at my store Hypnotic-Mistress.com or on Nite Flirt or on Kinkbomb

If Blackmail and Homewrecking excite you and arouse you, my new mp3 release, titled Homewrecking Bully, will excite and arouse you beyond compare. I am a hardcore Blackmail Mistress and Homewrecker who will unequivocally wreck you. All you need to do to begin your homewrecked ruination is to listen to this mp3 and send me a $50 Amazon eGift Card to CallMissKay@yahoo.com. Once you fulfill these two requirements, I will then email you a list where you must provide the information to begin your findom downfall. Make no doubt… I will bully you. You will be on edge of your seat or bed wondering when I might call or text and send you past the point of no return. You don’t really want me to reveal your kinky sexual secrets, do you? Consciously you don’t, but subconsciously you do. My voice will penetrate your subconscious and captivate you. This homewrecking mp3 will make your cock hard and drip. Your life needs to be shaken up like a martini cocktail shaker and I’m here to make that happen.

Homewrecking Bully features my sexy voice and also bewitching theta waves to enable your mind to take the next steps needed to begin your new adventurous thrill. Your headspace will be altered by this formidable tandem combination. I have the perfect voice to bully with. I can be sexy but mean. I can be sweet but destructive. Click to buy and download this audio experience now. And if you need even more, call me live for Homewrecking Phone Sex. Purchase this file at my store hypnotic-mistress.com or on kinkbomb or on Nite flirt


Listening to my new financial domination mp3, “Cash Queen-dom” is paramount for findom addicts, pay piggies, ATMs and fin subs. When you listen, you will find out subversive and exciting ways to pay financial homage to your Cash Queen, Miss Kay! And you will pay! I know that you money slaves are always looking for the newest thrills to satisfy your findom desires. Upping the ante and financial control factor is what it takes to arouse you. You will feel my superiority and control over you and how you will have no alternatives but to do what I demand. Cash Queen-dom is around ten minutes of your time to listen to, but a lifetime of monetary dominion over you. You will not go back to your safe status quo after listening to this edgy life-changing audio experience. While my Cash Queen-dom mp3 is not a hypnosis file, I have included strong elements of mind control and, of course, hypnotic influences such as linked suggestions. In addition, there is an ASMR whisper track that runs over my main voice track, to impact your mind with even more resonance.

And if you haven’t already listened to my Money Minions hypnosis series of ear porn recordings, now is the time to buy one or all of these hardcore hypno findom files. I have produced four files in the Money Minion quadrilogy and these money porn mp3s are my top selling recordings of all time. Indulge now! You can’t resist! Click to begin your financial thrill!Purchase this file at my store http://hypnotic-mistress.com/ or at Nite Flirt Or at my Kink bomb store.


My Blackmail Contract and Blackmail mp3 are a unique and powerful tour de force you cannot resist. If you are already aroused and excited about the Blackmail fetish, don’t even read one more word of this blog post, just CLICK to BUY both of these right now and begin your breathless adventure into the world of Blackmail with me, Miss Kay, as your Blackmail Mistress. If you enjoy Financial Domination, but you haven’t pursued Blackmail yet, then you should feel that you are on the edge of the most extreme and exhilarating form of Findom, Blackmail! Your excitement will increase 10 times, 100 times more than before. Blackmail is the ultimate financial domination, the ultimate thrill. Your ultimate thrill is just a few clicks away. Don’t hesitate to give in to your desires to be blackmailed by me.

I have devised a Blackmail Contract that will make you feel true excitement and fear over your blackmailed fate. To engage your arousal, I recorded a short, direct and dick-stiffening mp3 that leads you right where I want you, into my clutches ready to sign the Blackmail Contract! You can listen to the mp3 unto itself if Blackmail is only a fantasy for you. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself buying my contract later and getting so turned on that you fill out and send the contract and everything I require back to me.

If you enjoy Blackmail Hypnosis or Blackmail Phone Sex, you should know you can reach me on Niteflirt.com or SinfulCall.com for live Blackmail experiences. Purchase my Blackmail file or Blackmail Contract at my store http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com or on Nite Flirt or purchase both at my Kink Bomb store.

One Minute Remaining is my newest exciting mp3 release. This audio adventure is based on Niteflirt’s One Minute Remaining prompt. If you are a member of Niteflirt and indulge in live phone sex or live erotic hypnosis, then you have undoubtedly experienced this one minute warning. But the questions I have for you are: What do you do when you hear the One Minute Remaining voice? Do you panic and try to orgasm in just under sixty seconds? Do you go into a frenzy and add more money? Do you hang up like a cheap loser? No matter what you do when you hear One Minute Remaining, this mp3 recording is for you. And it’s especially for you if you have a weakness for things like poppers, bottoms up drinking, forced intox, porn videos, strippers, fetishes, playing with your dildo, fin dom and more. This ear porn is geared to increase any and all of your addictions, including your addiction to me!

One Minute Remaining is not a hypnosis mp3, but it includes elements that are used in hypnosis such as Triggers and Suggestions and Mind Control. And with my sexy and sweetly manipulative voice, you will not be able to resist the potent Triggers and seductive Suggestions that I embed deep in the pleasure center of your mind! Indulge your addiction to me now, indulge your addiction to Niteflirt and to your pleasure seeking habits. Buy my newest mp3 and find out what will happen to you when you listen!Purchase this file at my store http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com on Nite Flirt or on Kinkbomb.com

For my followers who enjoy findom, brainwashing and triggers, I’ve recorded a very diabolically delectable audio experience for you to enjoy. My new mp3 “Miss Kay Calling” is just under 10 minutes of relentless aural financial domination. And for maximum mind bending, I added binaural beats with theta waves on the eponymous track. Due to the popularity of “Miss Kay Calling” among my pay pigs, fin subs and money minions, I’m working on a longer version which will be in the range of a half hour long. I will be recording it in my home studio shortly. But for now, consider this shorter version a scintillating “sneak preview” of what is going to happen to your mind and to your wallet. For fin subs who like to spoil me and buy prezzies, this mp3 is perfect. Let me tell you that the longer erotic hypnosis file for which I’m writing the script right now, is going to have even more triggers, more wallet raping, more mind control!

The findom fact is that a Money Domme can never have enough Tributes, eGift Cards, gifts from my Wish List. And the evocative triggers I have embedded in this recording will make this happen. You know that spending cash on me and spoiling me will arouse you! Don’t resist what I know you really want. Click the button to buy this mp3 right now on Niteflirt, at my Kinkbomb store http://www.kinkbomb.com/p/miss-kay-calling/182733 or from my dedicated mp3 store, Hypnotic-Mistress.com. And be ready to spend cash and spoil me!


Do you like to explore the darker side of your self or the darker side of financial domination? My new mp3, Black Magic Money Slave, is the darkest audio recording I have ever produced for findom addicts and fetishists. It contains real incantations, occult curses that harness the evil energy that exists in the universe. As a dominant and wicked Sorceress, I set out to craft the most maleficent of all findom files. I will warn you only once, right here, right now, when you listen to this Black Magic Money Slave mp3, you will be damned to be my finsub for all eternity!

This is not entertainment, the curses are real, and you will be bound to me as my money slave. You will never be able to extricate yourself from this Black Magic devilry that I cast over you with my sexy, seductive voice. I can’t give away the source of my power or the source of the power in this erotic audio recording, but when you listen to Black Magic Money Slave, you will find out your destiny! I produced this mp3 in my professional home studio and can produce custom files, for the fee I demand of course. In addition, I also do financial domination phone sessions on Niteflirt and Sinful Call. If you enjoy findom hypno, I do findom hypnosis on the same call platforms. Now, money slave, it’s time to buy Black Magic Money Slave and revel in the dark side of money slavery! Purchase this file at http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com or on Nite Flirt or at my Kink Bomb store

I have just released a new financial domination mp3 masterpiece in my infamous Money Minions series. Money Minions 4 is more subversive than my previous Money Minions mp3s. And when you listen, you will find out why! I penetrate your mind using my evocative voice, make you so weak, then take over your finances even further than before. I know you can’t wait to find out your new financial fate when you listen to my newest findom mp3 recording. As the Money Domme, I am insatiably greedy. And I fully expect that Money Minions 4 will not be the final mp3 in this series!

While you are under my hypnotic money spell, you will get so aroused. You will be helpless but to obey all of my triggers and demands. You will find out why I come above all other Findommes and even why I come above all other women in your life! You don’t have to listen to Money Minions 4 as the fourth mp3 in sequence. This mp3 is a perfect standalone financial domme audio experience. So click, buy it now, download and listen on any device you own which can play an mp3!

However, I demand that my money minions buy all 4 mp3s in my Money Minion series to submit to maximum financial slavery. Plus, minions must spend spend spend to make Miss Kay happy! Surrender to me and spoil me because I am your Money Domme. And listen to all of the Money Minions mp3s over and over! My mp3s are available on Nite flirt and Kinkbomb and at my Hypnotic-Mistress.com hypnosis mp3 store. Purchase these files at my store http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com or on Nite Flirt Kink Bomb http://www.kinkbomb.com/p/money-minions-4/178482

I have no doubt that you will want to play my new mp3 game entitled “Miss Kay Toll Booth”. I devised this very clever JOI game for you to play while listening to my mp3. It is a financial domination and masturbation game, so be prepared to spend while playing! All of my fans have enjoyed my various games and mp3s where I maintain total cock control. And many of my fans are money piggies who want to “Pay Miss Kay” to please me. It seemed natural to combine both elements into one mp3 audio game. Now you can feel the control I have over your cock while you are stroking (or humping) and feel the thrill of handing over tolls to me, your Femdom Toll Collectress.

This is not an erotic hypnosis experience, but I definitely utilize subliminal elements that will compel you. This findom mp3 will captivate your mind and your cock. The concept of paying tolls in this game is progressive and it gets more sexually exciting as you go along. Listening to my sexy, demanding voice will also heighten your erotic excitement. Now that I have given you a teaser about my game without me giving away the actual game itself, you will want to buy it this second, download it and play it! My Toll Booth mp3 Game is available at my Kinkbomb store, on my Niteflirt listings via Pay to View and in my Niteflirt Goodies and at my own Hypnosis mp3 store.http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com Click now!


This specially themed erotic hypnosis file will be irresistible if you are a fanatic of the Batman television series or if you follow Batman movies. There are strong overtones of Financial Domination and Femdom erotic hypnosis. Marsha, Queen of Diamonds was a shocking female villain back in the 1960’s, an evil blonde gold digging vamp who would stop at nothing to attain money and diamonds. But that wasn’t all, Marsha was a powerful Mistress who presided over a male harem including lovestruck men held captive in bird cages. She employed dedicated henchmen to do her bidding. And she featured several devious ways to incapacitate and control men including a knock-out gas called Diamond Dozing Gas and Love Darts containing a love potion to make men fall helplessly in love with her. While Catwoman is viewed as the overtly sexual predator who wished to vanquish Batman, Marsha is viewed as the fortune huntress who wanted to marry Batman with the ultimate goal of obtaining the Bat Diamond.

In my audio recording, I will incapacitate you using a very potent induction and deepener sequence and then take control of your heart and mind! This spell might be irreversible! I don’t want to give away too much about my Queen of Diamonds hypnosis file except to say that you will be captivated by all of the interwoven hypnotic elements. Click to buy and listen to my Marsha, Queen of Diamonds erotic hypnosis recording now! Perhaps you will be the next man to fall prey to my hypno sorcery. Purchase this file at my store http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com  or on KinkBomb  or  Nite Flirt

29 May, 2015


My newest mp3 audio experience, entitled Phallic Power, explores the intimate relationship I have as a Femdom with my strap on worshipers. A strap on is a phallic symbol of female domination and power and you will worship my power and dominance over you. I make all men feel so weak with my strap on, weak yet aroused. Phallic Power is not a pure hypno mp3 track, but it does feature hypnotic elements and a light music track to relax you and make you open to all of my persuasive suggestions. Many of my hypnosis mp3 fans also listen to the other mp3s I produce because they are so compelling. This mp3 recording is a ten minute long exploration into Femdom strap on worship. Men are intimidated by Femdoms with strap ons and their aura of authority. Do you already watch strap on porn videos and enjoy how a Femdom dominates her submissive or slave? That will be you now in a fantasy you play in your mind, worshiping and taking my strap on.

Maybe you have already sucked or fucked a strap on cock or maybe you are a virgin, but either way, you will enjoy worshiping my strap on. A strap on projects Femdom force. Feel the force I have over you. Click the payment button of your choice now to buy this Femdom POV mp3 at Niteflirt, Kinkbomb or my MP3 Store and download and listen. It’s that simple for you to become my strap on bitch! Purchase this file at http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com or at my kink bomb store http://www.kinkbomb.com/p/phallic-power/172548 or on Nite Flirt

My new mp3 file is the ultimate hardcore Blackmail experience. This is not a hypnosis file. I am warning you in advance to be prepared for a direct diabolical diatribe that you can not escape. If you have a blackmail, findom or ruination fetish, you will find this aural assault on your brain to be the most extreme ever. Listening to this experience takes only minutes of your life, but it will impact your life for all time. As a Blackmail Domme, I am venomous and insatiable when it comes to taking the money I want. Blackmail is a method and strategy that works so well on men like you.

When you click to buy this Blackmail mp3, you are sealing your dark fate. My wealth will be built from greed, which is nothing new in history. But it will also be built on your sexual weaknesses. Don’t be surprised when you regret that you became addicted to my voice and dominant take-all attitude. And that you continue listening to this file over and over, my voice and beauty brainwashing you. Furthermore, don’t be surprised that this file launches your financial collapse. Men fall for beautiful women all the time, in different ways, of course. You will fall for me and fall into the Blackmail abyss from which you will never be able to extricate yourself. You will be busy masturbating to your thrill while I will be busy counting my bounty. Click now, buy and listen. And be ready for your downfall as my Blackmail addict. Purchase this file at my kinkbomb.com store http://www.kinkbomb.com/p/blackmail-part-1/164283 or at Nite Flirt


My new Financial Domination mp3 release is an exciting non-hypnosis recording. I created this new audio experience, because I realize not all of my finsubs are turned on by Femdom erotic hypnosis. There are some of you cash ATMs who crave an aural thrill delivered direct to your conscious mind. And even for my hypno money piggies, you often enjoy a straight up mp3 to consciously reinforce your pay pig impulses. For any finsubs or gift subs, you must listen to my new mp3 now, my voice is very compelling and persuasive and will make you feel more aroused by your findom fetish than you already are. When you listen to this file, you need to keep your computer or tablet on, to maximize the exhilaration to your financial dom desires. You will even need to keep this blog post up on your screen, because there are some very important links you will need to click.

Miss Kay’s Amazon Wish List

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Send Miss Kay Zappo’s eGift Cards

My email address is CallMissKay@yahoo.com and this is needed for the eGift Cards.

Now it’s time to buy my FinDomme file. Click now to buy, download and listen. The more pleasure you give me, your Money Domme, the more pleasure you get. You won’t be denied as long as you follow my demands.

And if you can’t control yourself and must keep buying, spending, gifting, I have produced many financial domination mp3s, both hypno and non-hypno. You should buy all of them now at and indulge! Purchase this file at http://Hypnotic-Mistress.com  or on Nite Flirt or at my kinkbomb studio http://www.kinkbomb.com/p/pavlovian-fin-sub/158177